Our Approach

Breaking through isn’t easy. Our talented team strikes just the right balance between informative and ridiculous to drive the most meaningful results. We start with a deep understanding of the audience, often embedding ourselves in their way of life, and learning their culture from the inside out. Then we have meetings, lots of them. Then we get to work. It’s a tried and true system that drives optimal impact with minimal effort.

Our Story

The beginnings are humble. The ending is tragic. But we are in the middle and we’re having a blast making a difference – the renally great way!

Our office doesn’t really look like this.

Meet the Team

It all starts with our people. It’s our greatest asset (since that’s what we spend most of our money on).

Regan McCook

She seems nice, until you use her salad dressing from the break room fridge.

Eric Teagan

He needs a haircut. C’mon!

Timothy Barrett

He was just hired. Still trying to figure him out.