Managing your health can be a real drag. We make patient education engaging and maybe even a little fun!

Dialysis Patient Education Videos

Let’s be honest. We would all rather watch the movie than read the book. Consider this the movie version of what you have to learn in school.

Kidney Smart – CKD Education

Kidney Smart is the #1 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) education program in the world. Developed by the minds of geniuses, this class content has changed thousands of lives. Behold!

Kidney Smart – Hospital Education

Sometimes life deals our patients and unexpected hand. They don’t get the opportunity for Kidney Smart Education until they land in the hospital. But they still deserve education that presents their options.

KDE – Kidney Disease Education

Looking to step up the CKD education game? KDE was created by the best of the best using only prime, grade-A, educational beef. You’re learning appetite is guaranteed to be satiated

Welcome Home

Getting started with a new and different type of treatment can be a daunting task. Check out how we break it down into digestible learning snacks.

Start Smart Welcome

We welcome our patients to treatment like we would any guest – warmly. This education is the ‘hug’ our patients need to start off right.

Early Start Smart Welcome

The early bird catches the worm. And an early start gets patients the info they need, when they need it most.

Our Approach

Breaking through isn’t easy. Our talented team strikes just the right balance between informative and ridiculous to drive the most meaningful results. We start with a deep understanding of the audience, often embedding ourselves in their way of life, and learning their culture from the inside out. Then we have meetings, lots of them. Then we get to work. It’s a tried and true system that drives optimal impact with minimal effort.